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By nicole

5 Ways to Keep Wildlife Away From Your Pool

There’s nothing better on a hot day than taking a dip and relaxing in your pool. Unfortunately, that’s also the case for local Delaware wildlife. While it’s not too common to find wildlife encroaching on your personal pool space, these cheeky critters have been known to take a liking to swimming pools as somewhere to cool off.

This might be a cute sight but there’s always a risk of damage to your pool. Plus, some wild animals can bring disease with them, not to mention a possibly aggressive temperament when approached.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can keep the local squirrels, birds, raccoons, white-tailed deer, and coyotes from getting at your pool in the first place. This month, we’ve got five ways to help you keep the wildlife away from your pool.

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1. Cover your pool

A cover over your pool means animals are much less likely to come snooping in your backyard. Make sure that you cover the pool any time you’re not using it; it’s always great to have an automatic cover as it makes the process of opening up and closing off your pool easier. Of course, a pool cover doesn’t guarantee animals won’t stumble into your pool, but without free access to the water, they might go looking elsewhere.

2. Clear away leftovers

Pool parties will make you the hit of the neighborhood, but it will no doubt also attract the attention of local wildlife if you don’t clear away afterward. Leftover food and drinks around your pool will definitely serve as an invite to animals who are foraging for snacks.
If you added one of our top-of-the-range pizza ovens to your design, you’ll be serving up delicious slices all the time! Just make sure you tidy up after the party or ask guests to take leftovers inside to be dealt with later.

3. Dogs as a deterrent

Man’s best friend. There’s more to that name than cuddles and kisses — dogs are also great protectors. Most dogs love to be outdoors anyway, and while they’re out there roaming the yard, all the local wildlife will be much more likely to keep a distance. Some dogs might need training, but many will automatically take offense to other animals encroaching on their home territory.

Don’t have a canine friend to chase the wildlife away? Try adding an inflatable toy to your pool. The constant movement of this on the water in the breeze will no doubt scare some animals away if they think the area is occupied.

4. Motion sensor lighting

Some creatures are bold enough to go looking for food in the daytime, but what about at night? Nocturnal animals like to use the cover of darkness to do their foraging. This is where landscape lighting comes in handy (aside from adding an elegant atmosphere to your yard). By installing motion sensor lighting, you can startle any animals trying their luck in your yard, causing them to hightail it out of there.

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5. Maintain your fence

State law requires you to have a fence around your backyard when you have a pool, but once in place, it’s a good idea to check and maintain it regularly. Any holes or damage to your perimeter might permit wildlife to scurry through, but a robust fence should keep most animals at bay.

At Ashton Pools by Design, we’re expert swimming pool contractors for Delaware. We construct concrete and gunite pools, as well as all the extras to bring your outdoor living space to life — including landscape lighting and pizza ovens in Delaware. If you want to turn your backyard into an oasis for you and your family, simply contact us and we’ll guide you through every stage, step by step, including the precautions you can take to keep local wildlife away.


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