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By nicole

Top 5 Crucial Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

There is nothing better than letting your dog take a dip on a hot day. It’s a great way for them to cool off and still be active, all within your own back yard. But it’s important to keep in mind that your dog needs just as much attention around the pool as children in order to keep them safe.
This month, we’ve got five crucial swimming pool safety tips for dogs, helping you to keep them safe while still enjoying the pool.

Number 1 – Swimming Lessons

graphic of a woman in a swimming pool teaching a dog how to swim

Yep, swimming lessons. These are essential for any dog in order to give them confidence. It’s confidence in the water which will help to keep them safe, not their breed.
To help get your dog used to the water, particularly where the water is too deep for their paws to touch the bottom, you should get in first. You can then support them in the water and ensure they keep their head from going under. Encourage them to kick with their back legs for a proper doggy paddle and stay close by the first few times they use the pool without you supporting them with your hands.

Number 2 – Life Vests

graphic of a dog swimming in a pool wearing a life vest

If you want to make doubly sure that your dog is safe in your swimming pool, opt for a life vest. This is useful for dogs who aren’t confident in the water and are unlikely to go diving in. If they happen to fall in with their life vest on, they’ll be kept afloat by their personal floatation device. Again, it’s always important to keep an eye on them, even if you know they’re not usually inclined to take a dive into the pool, just in case they need assistance.

Number 3 – No Hot Tubs

graphic of a group of people in a hot tub

A hot tub looks like any other pool to your four-legged friend, but the heat and bubbling water might catch their eye and draw them in for a dip. This is a huge no-no! The temperatures in a hot tub can be dangerous for your dog, causing them to overheat since they don’t sweat and they may suffer a heat stroke as a result. The same rule should also apply if you use your pool at night and like to keep it super warm.

Number 4 – Don’t Drink The Water

graphic of an outdoor swimming pool with a people sunbathing, and a person swimming with a dog

Because of the chemicals in your pool water which help to keep it clean, this water is then unsafe for dogs to drink. We all know they’re always likely to lap up any water they find when they’re thirsty, so make sure you have a bowl of regular water – well away from the pool – which you can train them to drink instead. A little bit of coaching will help to prevent an emergency trip to the veterinarian – something your dog probably wants even less than you.

Number 5 – Bath Time

woman cleaning a dog in a bathtub

Dogs might love the pool, but they may not love bath time afterward. However, it’s important to give them a good bath after being in the pool to make sure that the chlorine in the water doesn’t damage their fur or irritate their skin. Take extra care to dry them off, especially in their ears as you don’t want them to develop an ear infection. This is ultimately a good chance to pamper your pooch with a spa treatment in the bath, rounding off an exciting day for them.

At Ashton Pools By Design, we’re custom pool builders for Delaware and we love dogs – we even have two of our own, Captain and Finnegan – so we’re always happy to discuss pet-friendly features and give advice on keeping your family safe when designing your pool. Call us today and tell us and talk to us about your dream design.