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By nicole

What Is a Plunge Pool? (And Why You Should Have One!)

Why miss out on the luxury and fun of a pool just because you don’t think you have the space? You’ll be surprised at how seamlessly a plunge pool can fit into your outdoor living arrangement.
This month at Ashton Pools by Design, we wanted to talk to you about how plunge pools can transform your backyard and your life.
But what is a plunge pool and how does it compare to a regular pool? We’re going to cover all this, along with the unique benefits they bring and the features you can add to enhance them.

Let’s start with a quick definition of a plunge pool!

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool is a smaller, more compact pool style that focuses on relaxation over any serious swimming. This is sometimes why a plunge pool also gets the name “cocktail pool”, since they’re a great space to entertain in.

Typically square or rectangular – though this is by no means the rule – plunge pools allow enough room for several people to sit and relax at the same time. A small step will be set into the pool to give you the option of stepping in gradually or plunging into the deepest portion of the pool.

You may not be able to do laps in a plunge pool, but they’ll usually have enough depth to allow you to soak away your cares and cool off in summer. With a close association with the plunge areas at the bottom of a waterfall, a plunge pool should conjure an exotic, relaxing image.

How big is a plunge pool?

The size of a plunge pool completely depends on the amount of space you have to work with. Most plunge pools will range between 8×8 feet and 20×10 feet in size, but even at their most compact, they’re designed to seat at least two people, usually with far more capacity.

In terms of the depth of plunge pools, this comes down to how deep you’d like your pool. Since it’s in the name, a plunge pool is usually designed to allow you to fully submerge in the water as a way to refresh in the summer heat. Your plunge pool should have anywhere between 4 to 6 feet of depth, since it won’t be particularly wide or long.

Small Plunge Pool and Lounge Area Canal Corkran
Small Plunge Pool and Lounge Area

What are the benefits of a plunge pool?

Whether you want to add one into your outdoor living space to complement a full-size pool or have it as a standalone installation due to restrictions on space, there are so many fantastic benefits to having a plunge pool, including:

  • Therapeutic relaxation – Take a dip in your plunge and let your cares melt away, with the water providing sensory stimulation and calming effect.
  • Perfect for water aerobics – Thanks to the depth of a plunge pool, you can still get some much-needed exercise with water aerobics that are easier on your joints.
  • Cooling and refreshing – Whether it’s summer or not, a plunge pool offers a unique way to cool off, with cold plunges associated with improving your immune system.
  • A luxurious place to entertain – Add a plunge pool as a new space to entertain friends and family, outside in the fresh air away from distractions.
  • Easier to manage – Since it’s a lot smaller, a plunge pool is much easier to look after and keep running.
  • Space-saving design – When you really want somewhere to take a dip but are lacking the space, plunge pools are ideal, saving you space for other outdoor features you’ve got your heart set on.

What Is a Plunge Pool? (And Why You Should Have One!)

What features can I add to a plunge pool?

If all you need is a simple place to take a quiet dip, a plunge pool is certainly ideal. But the fun doesn’t have to stop there, since you can choose from a number of pool features to help you get the most out of your pool.

  • Add jets to your pool to create a plunge swimming pool where you swim in place against the current created — perfect if you can’t get a full-sized exercise pool.
  • Add spa jets to create bubbles at the push of a button, giving you the option of using the pool as a spa space.
  • Add some mood lighting with colored lights that will help create an atmospheric evening as you sit and soak with your favorite drink in hand.
  • Add a waterfall/rain wall to create additional texture and the soothing sound of falling water.

Aside from this, there is even more you can do in your backyard to complement your cocktail pool, including outdoor kitchens if you want to take your hosting game to the next level, or create a cozy space for before and after your plunge with a fire pit to gather around.

From plunge pools and cocktail pools to larger swimming pools, here at Ashton Pools by Design, our goal is to turn your dream backyard into a reality. We begin with an easy online video meeting to discuss your ideas and our expert design team helps explore options based on how you like to use your outdoor area and the amount of space you have.
We’re a Master Pools Guild member, so you can count on us to deliver the highest quality work as swimming pool contractors for Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore. Why wait? Let’s start the transformation of your backyard right now. Call us today or visit our contact page for more options.

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