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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to spend your weekends or evenings with family and friends than outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard? 

Your options for hosting, entertaining, or just spending quality family time together are massively improved with an outdoor kitchen, something we offer as part of our design services here at Ashton Pools by Design.

An increasingly popular – and important – addition to the outdoor space for homeowners looking to redesign the way they live, outdoor kitchens might be something you’re considering yourself. If so, let us help guide you with some outdoor kitchen ideas and inspiration, plus a few things to know about them.

Courtyard style pool, year round spa, and outdoor kitchen
Courtyard style pool, year round spa, and outdoor kitchen

Are outdoor kitchens a good idea?

Yes! Outdoor kitchens are absolutely a good idea, because they maximize the amount of time you spend outside getting fresh air. Whether you’re socializing or unwinding after a long day of work, there’s nothing more relaxing than preparing and enjoying a meal or a few snacks by the pool.

You can choose to add an outdoor pizza oven – a hit with adults as well as kids – or a BBQ area where you cook up some delicious ribs and burgers to serve when watching the game with friends. Because it’s your backyard, our design team works with you to plan a kitchen space that will fulfill all your functional needs, while at the same time ensuring it adds the look of luxury to blend seamlessly with your pool area.

Plus, realtors across the country are now noting whether homes come with an outdoor kitchen. It’s a huge plus when it comes to selling your house as it not only makes it easier to sell, but it means you can expect a greater property value.

Outdoor kitchen with natural stone veneer and ice maker
Outdoor kitchen with natural stone veneer and ice maker

Five reasons to get an outdoor kitchen

Need some inspiration for an outdoor kitchen? Here are just five of our top reasons to add one to your backyard, whether you’re planning a whole new design or just a refresh of how your space is configured.

1. You create a great space for entertaining – With an outdoor kitchen, your backyard becomes a new space for simply entertaining your family and friends year-round. Pancakes on the griddle, pizza for lunch, and grilled fresh fish and vegetables for dinner are all options to get the kids or your friends outside in the fresh air.

2. You keep food smells outside – Your cooking may smell incredible while you’re waiting for your meal, but it can permeate throughout the home and linger long after you’ve finished. No one wants to smell meat, fish, garlic, or other pungent scents when going to bed, so keep the cooking smells outside with an outdoor kitchen set up with a grill, oven, and even a sink to do the washing afterward.

Outdoor Living


3. You can eat more healthily – Not only is it more healthy to get as much fresh air as possible – something an outdoor kitchen encourages – but the food you cook can also be healthier. Whether you become inspired to try new recipes with fresh ingredients because of the space you have or you simply start eating more grilled meat and vegetables instead of fried options, you can improve your family’s diet almost instantly.

4. You can fully customize your space – An outdoor kitchen can be anything you want it to be. Whether you’d love to connect your pool with the kitchen for a swim-up bar or create something separate where you can install seating and a TV under some cover for movie nights, it’s all possible. Choose the features and layout you want to make it truly tailored to your lifestyle.

5. You increase the value of your property – We’ll cover this question more in our next section, but you can absolutely expect the immediate value of your property to increase with such luxury features that come as part of an outdoor kitchen space.

Do outdoor kitchens add value?

Carrying on from the last point above, the answer is: yes. Investing in quality materials for an outdoor kitchen means the resale value of your home increases. Some people live for the now, while others have one eye on the future, but one thing that’s for sure is that by working with our expert designers, you’ll be making a solid investment in your property.

Potential buyers will see the difference an outdoor kitchen has versus similar properties in your area without one, making it more attractive, while the additional features will make it more valuable overall.

Aside from monetary value, you’ll also see the value of an outdoor kitchen across the time you spend at home, creating new memories and bringing people closer together over a meal and a few drinks.

Do backyard kitchens need to be plumbed in?

While it’s not totally essential to have a plumbed kitchen in your backyard, it certainly does make life a lot easier. By simply taking the extra step to add an outdoor sink to your space, you can make sure you’re always able to get running water, with somewhere to clean up after an event without ferrying dirty plates and glasses back and forth through the house.

You also have the option to get just cold water or upgrade to get both hot and cold, giving you even more flexibility.

Outdoor Kitchen Area and Living Space
Outdoor Kitchen with pizza oven

Outdoor Living professionals for Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore

Uncovering all of the options for a luxury outdoor kitchen is made easy with outdoor living professionals on your side. That’s why at Ashton Pools by Design, we offer the best outdoor kitchens to suit your property and your space. Whether you would get more use out of a gas pizza oven and an outdoor grill, you dream of shaking cocktails at the bar, or you simply want a fridge to keep the drinks chilled, your only limit is your imagination.

We’ve helped so many homeowners across Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore to enhance their outdoor living experience with the addition of a kitchen area, so what are you waiting for? See our gallery for more inspiration or start your journey today by calling our team to arrange a design consultation.

If you would prefer a callback from our team, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!


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