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By nicole

Public Pools vs Your Own Backyard Pool

Have you found yourself sitting in traffic en route to the local development or country club pool? How about to the beach? There’s no denying that it’s a fantastic idea on a hot day, but what if you didn’t have to spend any time traveling at all to enjoy yourself? 

With a backyard pool, you can step out into your own yard and let the fun begin immediately. This month at Ashton Pools by Design, we’re going to cover just a handful of the many reasons why backyard pools are far better than public pools for maximum enjoyment in the summer and beyond.

Freeform concrete swimming pool with Nicolock paver patio
Freeform concrete swimming pool with Nicolock paver patio

7 reasons a backyard pool is the better option

  • A tailored experience

The freedom to choose how your pool looks and feels has to be one of the most compelling reasons to opt for a backyard pool of your own over the local public pool. Not only can you choose the type of pool and water features you’d like, such as pool jets and bubblers, but you can also design your whole outdoor living area to include a cozy fire pit, a stylish kitchen, and atmospheric landscape lighting.

  • Invite only who you want

From gathering your friends and family to creating a guest list for a child’s birthday party, you get to choose who you invite when it’s your pool. You won’t have to worry about excessive splashing or noise if you want to sunbathe (or nap!) in peace and you won’t need to negotiate lines or crowds of people before being allowed to enjoy yourself.

  • No need to drive to a pool

We all know that sometimes traffic can be a real headache in Delaware, which is why being able to avoid the car altogether is such a luxury. Spend less time behind the wheel and more time enjoying your weekends and evenings, relaxing with the people you love.

Concrete swimming pool at the beach
Concrete swimming pool at the beach
  • Exercise on your schedule

Exercise is different for everyone, with the willpower and organization sometimes off-putting for many. And if you were planning on getting your exercise in at a busy public pool, you might find your best efforts thwarted. With your backyard pool, you can swim and work out in peace, all at your own pace, giving you a greater chance of achieving your fitness goals.

  • Increased property value

A pool in your backyard not only improves your enjoyment of your own space, but also adds value when it comes to potentially selling your home further down the line. Homes with a luxury pool already in place are a much more attractive proposition to buyers, especially when designed and installed by an award-winning company.

  • Cleaner pool water

You get peace of mind knowing you’re swimming in a fresh, well-maintained pool when it’s your own. It’s no secret that with so many people using a public pool, it’s much harder to maintain control over the chemical balance and cleanliness of the water. That’s one less thing to concern yourself with when it comes to your family’s health and safety.

  • No expensive food

Add a swim-up bar or an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven and make the snacks and beverages you want — all without the expensive markup that public pools add on at concession stands. These facilities make your backyard pool a much better place to play host for events and family gatherings.

Geometric pool with firepit, spa, and pool house
Geometric pool with firepit, spa, and pool house

How much does a pool cost to build?

While a backyard pool is clearly going to cost more than a single admission to a public pool, it’s difficult to give a generic price. At Ashton Pools by Design, we emphasize the need to tailor the design to you and your lifestyle. From additional outdoor living features down to the upgraded materials that give you that feeling of luxury, we’ll provide a quote for your pool once we know more about what you want to achieve.

Get in touch today and book a consultation to meet us at our studio where we can discuss your plans.

How much value does a pool add to your home?

We’ve already touched on how a pool adds value to a home, but your investment can sometimes pay for itself if kept in top condition. It’s not just an investment in the value of your property either, since you’re designing a space that can provide those priceless moments and memories. Imagine your backyard pool as a space where you watch the kids grow up, celebrate life’s events – big and small – with friends, and restore your energy after a long day.

Freeform Pool with Floats
Freeform Pool with Floats

Here at Ashton Pools by Design, we create unique private pools and outdoor living spaces that are unlike any other. Customized for you and your family – including small backyard pools if you’re limited on space – you won’t ever have to spend time in traffic or battling the crowds at a public pool again. For award-winning pool design and construction in Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore, look no further than our team.

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