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By nicole

Pool Design Ideas for 2024

We’re already coming up to the end of 2023 — and fast! — so while it’s been another fantastic year here at Ashton Pools by Design, we’ve naturally got one eye on the upcoming trends and pool ideas for 2024. 

Some of what we’re about to discuss might already be on your mind if you’re planning to construct a new pool, or maybe it will give you inspiration for how you can update your pool and outdoor living area as part of renovation efforts. Either way, there is something to help give every home a lift, making your backyard exciting and enticing.

Let’s dive straight into our top picks for pool design ideas we think will be even more popular next year.


What pool design ideas will we see more of in 2023?

1. Fire features

Literally and figuratively, the hottest trend we’re seeing right now is fire features. Going beyond kitchen features, additions like fire pits, fire bowls, or torches can help add both atmosphere and warmth in the evening, helping you maximize the time you can spend enjoying your backyard with family and friends. Think of it as a fire and water-themed space, the two elements used in harmony.

2. Tanning ledges

If your number one priority is to top up your natural glow, but you still want to enjoy the water, then a tanning ledge is ideal. Soak up some sun in the shallow end of your pool on a built-in sun ledge (sometimes known as a Baja shelf) without fully immersing yourself in the pool — that means you can read a book, sip a cocktail, or just enjoy the heat of the sun.

3. Swim jets

For anyone looking to get into shape in 2023, you don’t need to have an enormous pool in order to swim for exercise. Swim jets are a great addition to any pool, creating a constant flow of water to swim against. Think of it like a treadmill for your pool, but a lot more enticing and refreshing! You can turn them off when you don’t need them, too, giving you flexibility when using your pool.

4. Pool lighting

Lighting both in and around your pool is nothing new, but what if we told you that you could adjust the mood with PAL rope lighting and a whole spectrum of color? PAL’s rope lights can be neatly installed under coping on steps, around raised pools, and even your planters. Plus, with a handy remote, you can choose the color that lights up your world the way you want, changing from hot pink to soothing blue.

5. Music features

We’ve spoken about how you can boost the mood in your garden with lighting and pool features, but what about sound? You can expand the space in your backyard without moving any physical borders when you add a little music. Add floating speakers to the pool, regular speakers around the yard, or built into the pool itself, and choose your favorite playlist. From something energetic while you work against swim jets to mellow tunes for a relaxing evening, you can keep the right energy flowing at all times.

6. In-pool furniture

 While you may have seen chairs or tanning ledges, there are now so many more options to create a wow backyard. Add an in-pool sofa for that relaxed feeling or include bar stools in the water if you want to create the feeling of being at the hotel bar on vacation.


Pool designer in Delaware

Like the sound of any of the above? If you’ve got big plans for 2023 and want a pool design company in Delaware that can make them happen, look no further than the Ashton Pools team. We have experience in designing and building both pools and outdoor living areas, as well as the knowledge of what the latest trends are and how to capitalize. We’re also available for pool renovations to help bring your pool up to date if it was built over a decade ago.

As members of the Master Pools Guild, you can trust that we deliver on the promise of your dream pool, plus, we have a dedicated design studio just off the Coastal Highway in Lewes, DE, where we work with you to discuss combining all the cool features and fixtures you want. You can also see how we transform spaces using our own backyard as an example in our video series.

Call or fill in our form now to book an appointment with our passionate pool builders and work with an experienced team to transform your space.


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