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How To Modernize An Old Pool

You’ve been sitting by your pool for over a decade now, and while you’ve got some great memories of enjoying the sunshine long into the twilight hours with family and friends, you suddenly notice things no longer look or feel quite as luxurious as they once did.

Of course, you still love your pool and outdoor area, but design trends have moved on, meaning your backyard is in desperate need of modernization. Bringing your pool deck and surrounding zones into the here and now can help you fall in love with it once again. 

That’s why this month at Ashton Pools by Design, we’re looking at pool remodeling and renovation, helping you decide if it’s something you need and how to get it done professionally for less.

Freeform Swimming Pool with Deck Jets and Tanning Ledge, Ledge Lounger

How to tell if my pool needs modernizing?

While you know something is amiss with your pool, you might be unsure exactly what the signs are that it’s time for some pool refurbishment work. Here are just a handful of things that should tip you toward modernizing your cherished outdoor space:

  • Outdated designs, tiles, or features
  • A lack of luxury features
  • Cracks in your old plaster finish 
  • Missing or cracked tiles
  • Old filters and pumps that use too much energy 

How To Modernize An Old Pool

Should I remodel my old pool or replace it?

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs – or indeed, a combination of them – then you’ve probably got another decision to weigh up: whether you need to replace your pool altogether or remodel your current installation. 

At the heart of this dilemma is the desire to have a fresh and revitalized space to enjoy, but sometimes upgrades to the aesthetics might not be enough. If your pool is decades old and has multiple safety hazards by today’s standards, including the deterioration of the materials and components it’s built with, then you may want to consider a full replacement. This allows you to choose a whole new design and get a completely fresh look.

If you still like the overall design of your pool but want to remodel it to freshen up the appearance and enjoyment of the space, then you can avoid a full replacement through our renovation services. There are so many ways that you can add to your existing pool to modernize it, just take a look at our next section for some inspirational ideas.

Seven ways to modernize an old pool

1. Select new pool deck pavers 

Style your patio with updated pool deck materials up to and including your pool coping to help create a seamless flow between your house and your pool.


2. Add a shimmering pebble finish 

A hugely popular way to modernize the look and feel of your pool is to add a shimmering pebble finish. This creates a mesmerizing reflection of light and a unique texture to any pool to give it a sense of freshness and vibrancy.


3. Extend the evening with fire features

Fire pits create a cozy space to gather around in the cool evening air, while using flames for lighting around your outdoor space can also help to create a warming atmosphere.

Fire Features

4. Use the power of sound

Water features aren’t just beautiful to look at, they sound amazing too. Waterfalls and fountains can help drown out your neighbors or a busy street, or just provide a soothing background for your early am yoga, coffee, or relaxation time before bed.


5. Entertain with a new pool bar

Make your pool the place to be with the addition of a modern pool bar. Let guests swim up to the bar inside the pool, while on the other side, you serve up refreshing beverages and tasty snacks.


6. Light up the night with LED pool lights

Choose the atmosphere you want to create with colored LED lighting for your pool that you can adjust at any time.


7. Lounge on a brand new tanning ledge

 Don’t fancy a full dip? Recline on a luxury tanning ledge and let the cool pool water lap against your feet while you soak up the sun.

Modernize An Old Pool


Get the renovated pools of your dreams with Ashton Pools

Feeling inspired? Then what are you waiting for — let our experienced team here at Ashton Pools By Design help you modernize your pool with the above features and much, much more. We’ll work with you to discuss the different plans you have in mind, the features that will help you fall back in love with your pool, and even our finance options to help spread the cost.

As leading pool builders for Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore, we’re here to help homeowners renovate, refurbish, or replace their pools to create a paradise in their own backyard. Call us today or fill in our form to book an appointment and let’s get started!


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