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By nicole

Designing Pools for Accessibility

Here at Ashton Pools By Design, when we say we care about what you want from your outdoor living space and swimming pool design, we mean it!

That includes making sure that everyone in your family can make the most of the pool and the dream space you create. We’ve worked with numerous families to help them get the configuration of their backyard and pool just right, sometimes having to factor in different accessibility and mobility requirements. 

We want everyone to enjoy the oasis that is their backyard, so we thought it might be nice to discuss the different ways in which you can create a welcoming and safe space. From accommodating wheelchairs to ensuring those with a disability or mobility issue can enter a pool safely, here are just a few of the ways we can help you plan your space accordingly.

1. Handrails

For some people, handrails can offer that extra peace of mind. Whether they’re attached to steps leading into the pool, a slope going into the pool, or simply around the perimeter where falls are a risk, these sturdy additions ensure those with a disability or mobility issue can enjoy the space and enter a pool on a surer footing.

2. Entry Steps

To help with a gradual entrance to the pool, we can create entry steps to different heights, widths, and depths. This can either be in the form of very straightforward blocked steps or more spaced out to allow for easier, slower entry to the pool. These steps replace the use of any vertical entry point – often difficult for anyone with a limited range of movement to navigate – but still will create a stylish look for any pool.

3. Zero Entry

A zero-entry pool – sometimes referred to as a beach entry pool because of the way it mimics the slope of a beach into the water – means anyone can walk into the pool using the long, sloped entry point. Not only does this make entering and exiting the pool easier and less strenuous if you have limited mobility, but it’s also a great way to gradually introduce young children to the pool. They can take their time and splash at the edge, much like with the ocean on a beach. 

4. Pool Lifts

A pool lift ensures everyone will be able to enjoy the pool. Incorporating a pool lift means using either permanent or portable equipment at the edge of the pool. This way, wheelchair users can transfer into the pool lift seat and be lowered into the water safely. The lift can then also be used to exit the pool in a similarly safe manner, allowing anyone to make use of your brand new pool with ease!

5. Turning Space

Let’s turn our attention to the space around your pool in your outdoor living area. For wheelchair users or anyone who makes use of walking aids, there should be enough space to comfortably turn. To help with this, we’ll incorporate wider spaces into the design of your pool area, accounting for the ability to turn. This avoids frustration but also means freedom to roam without assistance, something everyone should be afforded.

6. Perimeter Safety

Pools can present a risk if a wheelchair user were to accidentally fall into the water. But with our team, you can establish your specific needs for you and your family. This can include design aspects such as raised pool perimeters to prevent such accidents and give you peace of mind. Safety is paramount and we’ll always be able to offer solutions to potential hazards you highlight to us.

We take the time to blend all these different features, design considerations, and access apparatus into your final pool design. Sitting down to talk about everything you want and need from your pool is one of our favorite elements – apart from sharing the finished space with you on completion, of course! – so please don’t hesitate to contact us and start discussing the accessibility and mobility features for your dream pool and outdoor living space today.


Call today and we’ll schedule a time and date for your first appointment – or you can ask us about any specific pool accessibility questions you have.

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