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By nicole

Chlorine vs Saltwater vs AOP Pools

Choosing the system that will regularly clean the pool water for your personal backyard paradise is an important decision. You’re investing in something for the long-term future of your home, so it needs to be a place you, your family, and your friends can enjoy at all times. That’s where pool cleaning and the chemical balance of the water comes into play.

Each of the pool cleaning systems we’re going to describe in this month’s article helps to keep your swimming pool water clean and safe to swim in, but with various pros and cons. Since more and more people are asking us about AOP pools and the Clear Comfort system, we wanted to compare the three most common pool sanitization methods to help you make a more informed decision for your pool.

What are chlorine pools?

Conjured in most people’s minds when they think about a swimming pool is the typical chlorine smell produced by the granular chlorine additive that is necessary to maintain a chemical balance.

The pros: It’s long been the way to keep a pool fresh enough all year round, with chlorine added to the water separately. It’s a cost-effective way to keep any pool clean, using a pump to circulate your water and all without damaging any fixtures.

The cons: While good at keeping your water clean, pool chlorine has become associated with irritation to the eyes and skin, as well as damaging swimsuits over time and leaving your hair dried out.

The balance you achieve with your chlorine is also a fine line between a comfortable swim and one which puts people off. Finding the right balance requires regular testing and balancing to keep things going, as well as the safe storage of these chemicals if you’re carrying out the process for yourself.

chlorine water pool

What are saltwater pools?

Saltwater pools have been around longer than you might think, dating back to the 1980s here in the US. They use sodium chloride – salt – to create low levels of chlorine naturally, using electrolysis inside the system to separate the salt and water to create a pure form of chlorine.

The pros: Salt water pool benefits include a more natural chlorine being produced, so you’re less likely to get that same smell associated with the granular chemical version. It also leaves your pool water feeling smoother and softer, lowering the levels of chloramines that create any burning or irritation for eyes and skin.

The cons: You’ll still need to provide storage for the salt, while regular cleaning of your salt-chlorinator cells means there is a certain amount of maintenance that comes with this system compared with an AOP pool. You’ll also need to be mindful of damage to pool materials over time due to mineral buildup and corrosion.

What are AOP pools?

AOP stands for Advanced Oxidation Process, using the latest pool sanitization methods. The system draws in oxygen, converts it into atomic oxygen (O1), and then adds it to your pool water where the chemical reaction creates hydroxyl radicals. This then works to decontaminate your water — including defending against chlorine-resistant pathogens. At Ashton Pools by Design, we install Clear Comfort systems for a simple, reliable method that gets results.

Pros: Clear Comfort systems are award-winning and can be used for pools of all sizes, including spa pools. Because they use AOP, there is no smell or irritation, just sparkling, shimmering pool water. It delivers fresh-feeling water with levels of chlorine at the same level of drinking water or less.

A major benefit of using an AOP system is that it’s the most environmentally friendly option, since it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. This makes it perfect if you live on the water or want a system that is better for the environment in general.

Cons: The installation of AOP systems might cost a little more upfront when building your pool, but remember, they’re a lot easier to maintain and require less work to manage in the long run, saving you time and money over years of use.

Why is AOP becoming more popular?

Aside from the dramatically improved pool water that you get with an AOP system, they’re becoming more popular because we find customers are shifting their focus onto their health and well-being — something that is achieved through lower chemical levels and greater simplicity in pool maintenance.

What is the best option for your pool?

At the end of the day, the best pool sanitization method for you is all about what you want from your outdoor experience. Whether your priorities surround low maintenance levels, healthier living, or upfront costs, we can help you find the perfect system to suit you and your dream pool design.

We’re always happy to offer our personal insight into all of these systems and can install the latest, leading technology from Clear Comfort so that you get the very best for you and your family. As leading pool builders with over 20 years of experience, you can count on our expertise and professionalism when taking on your project, delivering custom outdoor spaces where you can make more memories with those you love.

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