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5 Signs That Your Pool Needs Remodeling

Are you ready to take your pool to the next level? We all love spending time by the pool, especially during those long hot summer days. But if your pool has lost its sparkle and is in need of some TLC, it might be time to consider a remodel.

In this article, we’ll dive into the top 5 signs that your pool is due for a makeover. So grab your sunscreen and let’s get started on the journey to a fabulous pool. Let’s start with some signs that, if you spot them, should get you thinking about the future of your pool.


Geometric Pool with Courtyard Walls
Geometric Pool with Courtyard Walls


5 signs that your pool needs remodeling

The dated design is dragging your yard down:

We all take pride in our homes, which is why we update the decor periodically. But what if your old pool design no longer matches the modern look of your home and the rest of your yard? Old and outdated design can make things feel stale and plain, just as it does indoors, and this is a key sign that things need to be updated with a pool makeover. Perhaps an infinity pool would make better use of the view, or maybe an adjusted shape will give your yard a new lease on life.

Cracks and leaks are getting worse:

General wear and tear occurs for most pools after lots of years, and while pool repairs can help keep things going, the cost could add up if it becomes a regular issue. Cracks and leaks in your pool means a weaker structure, not to mention how much less appealing your pool then looks. Any leaks can also cause bigger problems that snowball, so it’s worth investing in pool remodeling if you’re noticing a lot of these issues after having had your pool for many years.

Pool tiles falling off are creating a hazard:

Where any of your tiles or coping have fallen away or cracked, it creates a safety hazard. These aging surfaces not only affect appearance, but they also impact how you and your family can enjoy the space. The last thing you want is to cause injury or to be constantly worrying, so take action now to remodel and replace for a fresh look and some peace of mind.

You’ve been thinking about features you wish you had:

Whether you need some new safety features because you’ve been blessed with children, or you’ve seen some of the amazing things that can be achieved with tanning ledges, swim jets, and waterfalls, it’s important to create something you enjoy. New features help rekindle that love, so even if you couldn’t have them when the pool was first built, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you now!

The plumbing is creating too many issues:

There are multiple aspects to your pool’s mechanics and plumbing that need to be in top condition to keep things fresh, enjoyable, and safe. While they’re designed to last, they won’t last forever, and new innovations or improvements come along all the time. From pump issues to filter problems, once these things add up you can find yourself spending more time worrying about repairs than actually enjoying your downtime. Remodeling your pool can include updating and upgrading the pool plumbing and mechanics, something that can also yield greater energy efficiency for your property.


Rock Waterfall on freeform concrete pool
Rock Waterfall on freeform concrete pool


Pool remodeling ideas

Your pool should be the ultimate place to relax and enjoy in comfort, so to help provide some inspiration for what you can achieve, we’ve got a few pool remodel ideas to get you started on your journey. The following are just some of the considerations to spark your imagination for what can be achieved:

Pool lighting –

Update your lighting both around the pool and inside it to add a safety feature and some atmosphere for those long summer nights.

Resurfacing –

There are so many fantastic materials available for your pool and the surrounding space, so take the opportunity to upgrade to something more stylish here.

Automation –

When you update the plumbing and mechanics of your pool, you open up a whole world of automation to keep your pool running smoothly.

Design –

The whole shape and functionality of your pool can be overhauled if it’s decades old, adapting your outdoor space so that it’s up to date with the times and aligned it with your lifestyle.

Features –

From rain walls to deck jets, pool renovations allow you to include so many fun elements and finishing touches to make it feel like a totally different pool.

Spa pools –

Adding custom spa jets is a great way to reconfigure the space and add a new dimension to the way you use it, both for entertainment and relaxation.


Deck Jets on the side of the pool
Deck Jets on the side of the pool


Pool renovation company in Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore

Swimming pool renovations can be prompted by a change in lifestyle, such as creating a shallow area for children to swim in, or they can simply be founded on a desire to maintain the highest standards for your property. Either way, fall in love with your pool and outdoor space all over again with our pool remodeling services here at Ashton Pools by Design.
As a leading pool renovation company for Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore, our expert team can handle all the details and talk you through all of the possibilities to achieve stunning results.

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