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By brianne

Gunite Pools Vs. Fiberglass Pools

Looking for a pool that is the perfect fit for you and your back yard? There are a variety of pools to chose from!

The top two in our book are fiberglass or a custom free form concrete/gunite pool. What’s the difference? The two have so many advantages, listed below are couple of different reasons why a certain pool might be the better choice to dip your feet into.


A gunite pool is completely custom made in the ground. A hole is dug, a steel framework, or rebar, is installed and secured with wired to create the frame of your pool. Once this framework is secure gunite, a mixture of cement and sand is sprayed around the framework to create the pool.

Gunite pools are created completely custom to the client’s wants and needs. Have a small yard? Let’s create a custom hybrid pool/ spa that will allow you to entertain outdoors throughout the summer and into the winter! Adding a finish such Pebbletec to your pool also changes.

Gunite pools are extremely durable and built to last. With proper routine maintenance, these pools can last over 35 years without issue.


Fiberglass pools have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. Their finishes can also determine the color of your pool water. This shell is craned in and sealed into a hole that is dug into the ground.

All of fiberglass pools have the same sleek finish. Always be aware that sometimes this finish can be  slick and slippery.  There is relatively little maintenance to fiberglass pools other than the routine cleaning all pools need and deserve. Their life expectancy can last over 25 years.

Ready for your own pool or spa and the backyard of your dreams?  Dive into our design studio today and get started on making this dream into a reality, with Ashton Group at the Beach!  We are your pool builders plus, outdoor living specialists.




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