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Custom Pool Design – What is it and why do it?

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It’s our firm belief at Ashton Pools by Design, that by working closely with our clients, doing our due diligence, and simply spending more time getting things right initially, we can provide a better service and keep projects on schedule.

The first step is explaining our process to you and finding out what’s special about you. Next, we’ll meet with you in person or over Zoom – whichever makes you more comfortable – to talk about your ideas and dreams for your pool until we get the perfect design. From here we will go through the proposal line by line with you, so you know exactly what to expect. From time to time, we’ll need to perform soil testing or get engineered drawings to be as prepared as possible.

What is custom pool building?

A custom pool builder always goes through the process of discovery with a client, finding out exactly what you need and want from a pool and outdoor living space – something ordinary pool builders won’t do.
When we meet with you, we let you do the talking and we simply listen. We take on board how you use the space now, how you want to use it going forward, and who we’re designing it for – as well as anything else you want to share with us to help the process.
This investment of time with you will help us to create a design which suits you down to every last detail. It also ensures your investment will cover a solution for every issue to make your pool and outdoor living space work for you.

How much does a custom pool cost?

We provide a starting cost for a custom pool, but no two pools are the same as they all factor in different needs, so no two prices are the same. For example, there is less work and therefore less expense if you opt for an in-ground pool in a flat, level yard rather than a pool built into a yard which is on a hill or is set in a slope. You’ll also have your heart set on your own individual features, such as heaters, a tanning ledge, or various water features and building materials. These things all have to be considered to create a price – it’s why we spend so much time with you in the beginning so we know exactly what you want.

How long is the pool season in Delaware?

The typical pool season in Delaware is a 5-month period from May through until September. However, technological advances for pool heaters means that some of our clients open their pools as early as April and find themselves able to still take a dip all the way up to Thanksgiving. When the sun bears down at the height of summer and there is no shade over the pool, we’ve installed pool chillers to keep pools fresh and enjoyable.
One of our favorite parts of what we do is sitting down with clients to talk about what they really want to use their pool and outdoor space for, as well as how their property looks, as this allows us to provide the best design and amenities to deliver fantastic results every time.

At Ashton Pools by Design, we love nothing more than taking the time as custom pool builders to get every project just right for clients in Delaware. We’re Master Pools Guild members and can design your dream pool as well as your ideal outdoor living space. Call us today to book your consultation and let us help you create the place where you’ll make so many cherished memories.

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